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Mia the Sweet Doll

Hi guys! This week I’ve been working on the crochet pattern of Mia the Sweet Doll, which was the first doll pattern I made some years ago. I decided to make three dolls and stick to the pastel tones, choosing light pink, lilac and light turquoise for their dresses.


I love these colors! And I think they are perfect for the personality of Mia the Sweet Doll. What do you think?

The crochet pattern is available in Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy, and

Premium Patterns

Felicia the Fairy Doll

Last year I decided to start updating some of my favorite patterns. When I made the first Felicia the Fairy Doll I wanted to make a doll with bright colors and initially made her with a lime green dress and magenta hair. And now, two other dolls with different color combinations have been added to the Felicia’s group!


This updated pattern is now available in Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy and !

Let me know in the comments which color combination would you use to make Felicia the Fairy Doll!

– Michelle

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Bundle: Unicorns

Introducing my newest pattern bundle: Betsy the Big Unicorn and Mimi the Friendly Unicorn.


It’s no secret that I love unicorns. I’ve made many crochet patterns of this imaginary creature. I like to make different versions of them, and it all started when I made Mimi the Friendly Unicorn.

Mimi was the first “big” amigurumi that I made. When I finished this unicorn I was super proud of making a toy that big. She’s 15″ (38 cm.) tall. But then, I made Betsy the Big Unicorn, who is 21.5″ (55 cm.) tall and now Mimi looks so small in comparison.

Both patterns ask for worsted weight yarn and a 4.00 mm. crochet hook, but are worked in a different way. Betsy’s legs and body are worked without sewing, and with Mimi you have to sew a little more. I love both dolls and I love their differences, like the hair, horn, Betsy’s skirt, etc.

Unicorn Bundle is now available in my Etsy store.